List of Natural Laxatives You Can Find at Home

There are foods that can be considered are natural laxatives and in this article, you are going to learn about the list of natural laxatives you can find at home. Believe me, food laxatives can be used to treat constipation naturally thus you don’t need to use medical treatments which sometimes can be quite dangerous. Knowing about these foods is important as it will help you to maintain your bowel movement. The next time you feel a bit constipated, you know that you can find foods available to treat this health issue. I have listed a few of my favorite foods that work best when dealing with constipation, check these out!


1. Apple and Apple Cider Vinegar
So here is our first list of natural laxatives. Most of us already know that Apple provides a number of health benefits but not all people know that apple especially apple cider vinegar can also be used to fight constipation. The reason why apple and apple cider vinegar can be an effective option to cure constipation is because it contains pectin and is rich in digestive fiber. By consuming them daily, you can maintain your digestive system as well.

2. High Fiber Food such as Beans, Legumes
Beans and Legumes have been long known as good foods used for the diet plan. They are rich in fiber thus they can also be an ideal choice for those who have problems with constipation. They are not only good for those who want to get rid of constipation, they are also low in cholesterol thus consuming them in the high amount won’t cause any problems.

3. Beets
These foods are not very popular especially when compared to our previous list but it doesn’t mean that we can’t expect something good from them. In fact, beets have some health benefits that many are not aware. Beets are not only good for our digestive system, they can also improve our skin’s health. The best time to consume them is during morning since they provide a high amount of energy.

4. Drinking a Lot of Water
Everyone knows that drinking enough water daily is important. By drinking enough water, it improves our overall health including maintaining our digestive system.

5. Prunes
Experts believe that prunes are one of the most popular foods known for its effectiveness when used to fight constipation. Many also consider prunes as natural laxatives. They are rich in vitamin A and potassium. Is that all ? No, prunes also provide other health benefits, it is not only included on the list of natural laxatives people can use at home but also reduces the risk of getting cancer and heart disease.

6. Various Types of Nuts and Flax Seeds
For years, nuts had been used by our ancestors to cure constipation. The reason why we put nuts on our list of natural laxatives is because they come with natural fiber. Some types which come with the natural laxative effect are cashews and walnuts.

These are some popular foods which can be included on your list of natural laxatives, they are very effective and best of all, they don’t have any unwanted side effects.

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