Best BMI Calculator NHS You Can Try

As you may already know that finding the best BMI calculator NHS is not a difficult task. When it comes to keeping track of our body size, then you must know that using an online BMI calculator is definitely the best choice. While there are some choices available out there, not all of them are as good as they claim. So what is the best BMI calculator you can use? In this post, you are going to take a look at some best BMI calculators, thus it will help you pick the best one. Let’s read the rest of this post.


What is the Best BMI Calculator ?

• WEBMD BMI Plus Calculator
Our first BMI calculator NHS goes to WEBMD BMI plus calculator, when you visit the website for the first time, you will notice that it comes with some features you need the most. It can be used to calculate our body mass index. There is also other information people can get when accessing some features provided on the website such as the ability to calculate daily intake of calories and our heart rate. Meanwhile, you can also get other important information provided as the website keeps updating some information related to health. Not only that, there are also some tips related to workout methods, all of which will help you maintain your health and keep you fit.

• The National Institute of Health or NIH
The second choice goes to NIH or the national institute of health. They have their own online BMI calculator which can also be accessed by people who visit their website. Some information which can be accessed include our body mass index and heart rate, the best thing is that we can calculate the index as the standard measurement or metric measurement. You can also download their app thus you can easily access the feature right on your mobile phone. All information provided is very informative, thanks to the guidelines and explanations given.

• NHS Choice
The third choice goes to NHS choice, when you visit their official website,, you will notice that the website also provides an online BMI calculator. Just like our previous choices, all information given is quite informative and easy to understand. For those who have weight problems, there are also some tips which help them lose some calories.

• Online BMI Calculator
The next choice is online BMI calculator. Aside from features that let you calculate your body mass index, it also helps you set your goals. The feature lets you know whether you are on the right track or you just push yourself too hard.

• The Center for Disease Control
The Center for Disease Control – CDC online BMI Calculator provided lets you calculate body mass index on a three different categories, adults, children and teenagers. You can also find some helpful tips which help you do the right exercises. You can also get some advice on the amount of calories you should consume. So which is your BMI calculator NHS?

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